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This adult blog is an appreciation of ßlack girls. Who are the sexiest, horniest and prettiest people that you are likely to meet. It is with no surprise that making love, and dating a black girl is held in such high regards.

I am black male; and from the content, you can tell that hold all, who appear on these pages, in high regard. We'll be showing all types of content, such as edgy hair & fashion, secret nudes, arty photography, raunchy bare all babes, straight up cuties and anything else in between. Imagination, and your submissions will drive this site.

A community that is freaky, funny, thought provoking, and above all respectful. Primarily homegrown, homemade content, with selective gems woven in. Reblogs will be respected fully. We do not condone disrespectful flaming of poster or reblogger pictures.

Share your Photos & videos: We encourage body positive, as in any one that is comfortable with their body, looking to discover their sexuality, taking it to the next level. we want you to feel empowered by clicking Put me on da blog ...Erotic stories, fact, fiction or poetry also welcomed. ツ

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  • bigtyme116 said: Great video!!! I love how your hips jerk when you press on your swollen clit!! And how your lips try to suck in your magic wand and your cum drips down your soaked pussy!!


    Thanks so much!!!

    Come take some pix/vids for me….

    I need cheering up…my high just wore off.

    Muah XxxxX


  • Beautiful irredecense…(spelt wrong: facial piercings girl)

    …just private messaged me to ask for a removal. My 1st ever.

    We respect body Positive girls, and those wishing to keep their privacy intact.

    What do you think about this (open question to all. Response wanted)?

  • mrsfreakykee1980:


So sweet and innocent.
    Aug 24th



    So sweet and innocent.
  • mrsfreakykee1980:

Very sexy

How sweet and innocent… 
Do you agree? Opinions please.
    Aug 24th


    Very sexy

    How sweet and innocent… Do you agree? Opinions please.

    (Source: blackcutienextdoor)

  • Nip slip spring break
    Aug 7th

    Nip slip spring break

  • More of you need to jump on this…that’s real
    Aug 7th

    More of you need to jump on this…that’s real

  • kwamijolivette said: I have a question; how do I get my followers more involved in asking me questions and letting me know what they'd like too see?

    What makes you think I know? Thank’s for the interaction, you’ve gotta be interesting, engaging…..who knows

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